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From Mala Spices to Hearty Broths: Experience Authentic Chongqing Hot Pot


Xi hotpot
xi hotpot

Experience the Flavorful World of Sichuan Hot Pot

At Xi Hotpot, we take pride in offering an authentic hot pot dining adventure, transporting you from Metro Atlanta to the heart of Sichuan culinary traditions with each simmering pot. Our commitment to freshness is uncompromising, selecting only premium cuts and the freshest produce to ensure that every meal is an exceptional one. Our diverse menu, featuring a variety of rich broths and a DIY sauce bar, is crafted to cater to every palate. We are dedicated to curating a delightful and memorable experience that honors the time-honored practices of hot pot dining. Join us for an evening at Xi Hotpot and discover the irresistible charm of this beloved ritual.

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